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On iOS, the magic comes from one of Apple iOS's most advanced technologies: the Multipeer Connectivity Framework.

What happens if bluetooth cuts of?

Simply restart your phone and make sure Wifi+Bluetooth is on.

How to upload photos?

You can upload one profile photo by going to your profile page and tapping on 'Edit' in the top left corner. Then upload a profile picture and do same for the background picture.

Do I need to activate my location settings for AirDates to work ?

AirDates is a geolocated app. Therefore, in order to meet people on AirDates, it is necessary to activate your geolocation in the settings of your smartphone.

How to change my location?

You cannot change your own location. You can unable your location but you’ll not fully benefit from our services.

How can I connect to friends who are nearby?

After turning on your phone's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, AirDates will connect you to your friends automatically. Go to the “HOME” Screen, Tap on “Around” and discover AirDates Users in the Area, you just have to invite them. If you decided in “PRIVACY” screen, you will receive notifications indicating AirDates users are around.

How to chat/ start a conversation?

Before you can message someone you have to be accepted by the person you're writing to. You can only send a message to someone you like if that person likes you back. When a match is made you will get a notification, and you will be able to start a conversation.

Can I message someone I haven’t friend with?

No you can’t. You need to be Friend to be able to Chat together.

How to search for a certain criteria such as distance, gender, etc?

You are able to fix your own search and preferences criteria in “SETTING” Screen, You don’t have to do it every time. Only once is enough, but you may change it any time you want.

Can I unblock someone?

Nope, blocking/unmatching is a permanent action.

Can I sign into AirDates without using Facebook?

Yes, you can sign in with your email and password but its much more easier and faster to sign in with Facebook. And make sure that we are not going to post anything on you wall.

Should I allow AirDates to access my Facebook informations?

AirDates will use your Facebook account only to log in. If you don't allow AirDates to access your Facebook informations, your profile will contain false informations. Your AirDates profile (name, age, pictures) synchronizes automatically with your Facebook informations, and you also can do it manually if you wish to change your name / age directly on the app. For further information, please refer to the question "How can I change my name or age?" at the end of the FAQ.

Message Delays this is just in case….

We're aware of an issue causing lag time between receiving a notification and receiving the message. The message should appear within ~30 minutes - if it doesn't, feel free to contact support. Chat is currently our top priority and we have major improvements in progress. Sorry about the inconsistencies in the interim.

Can I delete a conversation ?

It is not yet possible to delete a conversation. However we are working on this feature !

In Case of Crash, how to delete AirDates ? To Reinstall it !

First of all we apologize for the troubles caused by the crash and we are working permanent to solve these issues unfortunately normal at the beginning.
- Send your Email address at: crashuser@airdates.co
- Delete the App from your Iphone
- Delete the App from Facebook (see here detailed procedure)
- Reinstall the App from Start

We recommend you to Log In the App through Facebook as we register far less complaints about crashs, and a better user experience feed back.

How to delete my account?

Go to app settings and select 'help', then tap 'delete account'. This will delete your profile completely so you will not appear anywhere, we will also delete your friends, messages and everything. Sorry to see you go, please let us know why you are leaving at support@airdates.co

Hope to see you again.